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Today in 1746, the Battle of Culloden was fought between the Jacobites and the British Hanoverians. Kiss a man in a kilt today!

It's been a hall of a week. On Monday, the School Board unanimously voted to accept the proposed budget cuts for next school year. Which means my job is gone. Along with a whole mess of other jobs and programs. I will finish rhe school year, of course. It's next year that I'll be job-free. My friends at school have been coming to the library to feel sorry for me, but really, I feel sorry for the people who'll still be working. The chaos that we barely manage to control with a full staff could overwhelm the place when they're down to a skeleton crew.

I saw this coming a long way out, so the hubby and I had time to start getting our ducks lined up. I keep seeing this as a blessing - I'm about to become a full-time writer. *grin* Several folks have tasked me with writing a bestseller now that the time is there, so I'll be getting right on that.

I've had some weird trouble with my eyes the last couple of days. I have random moments of intense photosensitivity, in which my eyes redden and water. It's especially bad in the sun, but it happens indoors as well. It vanishes as quickly as it appears, though, which is what makes it so bizarre. I haven't worn my contacts all week, so I don't think it has to do with them. Yes, I'm going to the doctor.

Just a reminder...if you're planning on coming to Balticon in May, let me know so we can be sure and say hello! I'm excited about being there!
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