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A Hazardous Occupation

June 29th, 2009

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June 29th, 2009

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Today in 1613, the Globe Theatre went up in flames during a performance of Henry the Eighth. A theatrical cannon misfired, igniting the wooden beams and thatching. According to one of the few surviving documents of the event, no one was hurt except a man whose burning breeches were put out with a bottle of ale. Beer - is there nothing it can't do?

Last night's hafla was so much fun! Our trio went really well, and the open dancing afterward was joyous and energetic. We had a fabulous turnout, too - way more than I expected. Enough people, in fact, to leave me a little nervous about going on. The Secondhand Gypsies played "Brooklyn Baladi", so I tried to dance it with my new, humongous zills...but I mistakenly put them on the wrong fingers, so one zill kept slipping off. Oops!

In wonderful promotional news, my dear friend Amy (beloved of the mighty johnbroadfoot) is a romance reviewer who's attending the RWA conference next month. She arranged to have my bookmarks included in all the goody bags!! Amy is a goddess!
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