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Today in 1922, Ulysses by James Joyce was published. It took Joyce seven years to finish the novel. I feel like such a speed demon.

My novel comes out in mass market tomorrow, so I'm delaring a Mad Kestrel safari! Head to the bookstores, and take a picture of a copy of the new mass market version of Mad Kestrel in its natural environment. Not just any picture, though. Have some fun with it.

You can dress in a piratey fashion to sneak up on the book.

You might need to promise it dinner.

Or maybe it'll take the Marines to catch it.

Whatever you have to do, be creative and have fun! When you've taken your photo, send it to me (mistywritesATgmailDOTcom). The best photo (from my purely subjective opinion) will win a signed copy of Mad Kestrel, along with some piratey goodies! The two runners up with receive a Mad Kestrel prize pack.

Off wi' ye all! Tell yer friends t' play, if y'ain't scared of t'competition! Daylight's burnin'!

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